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A lot of agents have asked us how can they have one portal We are transitioning to a new, robust , and comprehensive estate planning referral transaction process.

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A Little About Us

We are the largest estate planning network in the world, and our entire focus is helping you protect your present, preserve your future, and leave a lasting legacy.


International Awards

From several publications - including Best US Estate Planning Law Firm


Network Attorneys

Attorneys licensed across the United States and International


State Licenses

With an expanded network to provide services in all 50 States and 12 countries



Including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Korean, and others


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We Believe In Accessibility.png
Providing Great Planning
Working Cooperatively
Making Planning Accessible

Not everyone needs sophisticated planning - but you deserve to be educated on your options and be empowered to make an informed decision based on your individual planning needs. That's why we have attorneys with a variety of backgrounds and specialties - to provide customized planning in a supervised environment that makes it easy for you to get everything from DIY solutions (with access to legal counsel) to advanced help from leading experts.

You have several people who all influence your planning: your attorney, your financial advisor, your tax planner, and more. But more often than not, these professionals work independently, either unaware or unwilling to work together with the others to do what is best for you. We work together with the various other professionals on your team to make sure that everything is working together in your best interest.

Unfortunately, most people see proper planning as too costly, too time consuming, or too confusing for them to implement - including tax planning and estate planning. As a result, most never address their most vital planning needs. By offering a spectrum of planning options, standardized pricing schemes, and technology driven solutions, we make planning accessible to everyone and work to make it as affordable as possible.

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