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Terms & Conditions

LSPN Direct is a marketing and sales program of LSPN Pro, LLC, (hereafter "LSPN") an independent company providing bundled services to professionals including but not limited to: Attorneys, Accountants, Loan Officers, Debt Strategists, and others. As an independent contractor with LSPN Direct, you can and will be compensated for clients you bring to the LSPN network for professional services. That compensation is contingent on your understanding of and agreement to be bound by the following terms:

1) You are an independent contractor and not operating as an agent, employee, or representative of LSPN Pro, LLC or any of its affiliates.

2) You are being compensated based solely upon your marketing of select bundled services, completion and delivery of necessary client information, and your support in client communications and follow-up. LSPN does not share any fees related to professional services and is not authorized to negotiate or otherwise change pricing or compensation from licensed professionals including but not limited to attorneys, accountants, and loan officers, etc.

3) The professionals who form part of the LSPN network are independent professionals who are licensed or otherwise working under a proper license to provide clients with professional advice and services, once referred you agree to allow said professionals to use their independent judgment and make recommendations based on the client's best interests and their professional and/or fiduciary obligations.

4) Compensation is contingent on the delivery of select bundled non-professional (non-legal) services including, but not limited to administrative support, software tools, marketing, and/ or client support services. If only professional services are provided, you will not receive compensation. However, LSPN network professionals have all agreed and accepted terms related to using the select bundled services whenever possible to fulfill client needs.

5) Should a client ask about your compensation, LSPN is required to disclose the costs for any and all select bundled services including compensation to independent contractors. By referring clients to LSPN, you agree and accept that any and all necessary disclosures of payments can and will be shared with your clients.

6) Compensation for services offered by LSPN is $50 for select referral services as determined by LSPN, $200 for basic plans as determined by LSPN and $400 for advanced plans as determined by LSPN regardless of the client payment amount, in return for said compensation you agree to:

  • (a) Not disparage, slander, or otherwise undermine, but rather support recommendations of professionals in the LSPN network provided that they are operating within the ethical standards of their licensure and the terms and conditions of the LSPN network.

  • (b) Communicate any and all ethical or perceived violations of terms and conditions directly to LSPN in order for appropriate review to be handled prior to any confrontation, threat, negative review, or client refund request.

  • (c) Refund compensation in full to LSPN if a client cannot be properly served the select bundled services and after careful review, LSPN agrees to a complete refund of client payments.

  • (d) Follow up in a timely manner and communicate necessary information to LSPN and/or LSPN network professionals in order to provide proper and quality services to your client referrals.

7) Compensation shall be provided via Gig Wage and cannot be requested by any other form or method, Gig Wage charges a fee of $1 per payment which will be incurred by the agent.

8) LSPN will process compensation promptly and no sooner than 48 hours after receiving the client's payment. This is contingent of the agent being properly registered and having created their Gig Wage account.

9) You may choose to waive compensation at any time for any client, for any reason. LSPN must be informed of your intent to waive compensation within 48 hours of the client's payment. 

10) Should a client pursue claims or legal action against LSPN for any reason, you may be responsible personally and/or professionally for your involvement in providing services. LSPN will indemnify and hold you harmless in every possible way if your actions had nothing to do with liability that has arisen from a client claim. You likewise agree to indemnify and hold LSPN harmless for any and all liability directly related to your actions, communications, and/or professional activity which causes or gives rise to client complaints and/or legal action of any kind.

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